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Gone Fishing - The ring for anyone who loves fishing, and whose site show it.  Private fishing stories, commercial charter operati

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Gone Fishing

Manager: tattooed_ogre
The ring for anyone who loves fishing, and whose site show it.

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Carp Diem - 08/03/2013

Took my first shot at carping today, and I've got a lot to learn.   You have to be part fisherman and part Betty Crocker, and spend a lot of time sitting on your **s.   I'm not too good at either of the latter two, but the payoff seems to be pretty good once you get the hang of it.   Watching these things leap all around me during my early a.m. bass outings, and that fact that one of the charter captains I've fished with is obsessed with these "Golden Bonefish", got me more than a little curious.     So, I did what everyone does to learn something new, I went to Google and YouTube and watched some videos.   A guy on one of my fishing forums also provided a ton of good advice for getting started, which I followed, kind of.   It seems as if a lot of the carp fishing is in the prepping, from the method balls and boilies to hair rigs.   Last night I didn't really put all six Ps (Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance) into effect.   I ran out of oats, didn't go get more,   and thus had some sticky method balls.   I figured they'd do in a pinch.   I didn't feel like doing up hair rigs and figured I'd just bait on the top of the hook.    I got up early, hit my spot and started baiting.   The carp clearly weren't around in the numbers from the last few days, but given what I had, I was all in at my location.   I've always despised sitting on an anchor and chumming, which is essentially carp fish...

Carp Diem

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