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Gone Fishing

Manager: tattooed_ogre
The ring for anyone who loves fishing, and whose site show it.

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Stripers, Police and more. - 05/12/2013
First good, long trip of the season.   The CT River is full of herring and stripers!   Put in Friday evening at Rocky Hill around dusk.   Lot was about full.   Just north I hit the flotilla of boats catching stripers either anchored doing the soak and sit or casting.   I hate fishing in big groups, so I decided to run north.   Went as far as the Farmington before I began working back down.   There were herring and stripers scattered the whole way. I was tossing a few different soft plastics, pencil poppers, Bomber A-Salts and some other similar type lures.   Picked up a number of schoolies and fish in the low 30's.   When I got tired of casting, I'd switch over to trolling a big jointed surface plug and a sub-surface swimmer in a herring pattern.   Hits on those as well.   I'd occasionally snag herring on the trolling lures, and as tempting as it was to liveline, threw 'em back.     The fishing wasn't the only interesting activity.   Sometime around midnight at the mouth of Wethersfield Cove, I heard several sets of brakes lock for 2-3 seconds before a series of crashes on 91.   By about 2:00 am , I arrived back at the Rocky Hill launch.   There was one guy packing up on the dock, and mine was the only trailer left.   I pulled my boat, stowed some gear, and crawled into the back for a nap before heading back out.   I remember waking when the rain started a bit after three.   It was...

Stripers, Police and more.

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