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Gone Fishing - The ring for anyone who loves fishing, and whose site show it.  Private fishing stories, commercial charter operati

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Gone Fishing

Manager: tattooed_ogre
The ring for anyone who loves fishing, and whose site show it.

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Triumph Skiff Review - The Gemma Rose II - 04/09/2013

I promised a review of my new Triumph Skiff once I'd had a chance to get her out on the water and run her around. I chose this model after considering a number of skiff and inshore types boats including the Carolina Skiffs, Mako Skiffs, Clearwaters, Livingston's and a few others. My list of requirements included the following: an ability to fish skinny waters in coves and salt marshes as well as run around the LIS, lots of space for casting, an ability to haul around my kids and dog, economy of use and maintenance, and price. All of the above met these, with the hull configurations of the Triumph, Carolina and Clearwater skiffs being very similar. The Triumph is not a true flat bottom, but is close and sports a 6" draft and 7 degree deadrise. What you may or may not know is that the Triumph is a Roplene hull. In other words, it's plastic. It's a floating Yeti cooler. I considered the downsides (it's plastic, heavier, plastic), spoke with some owners, and wrangled a ride on one last season. Triumph evolved from Logic Boats, and their reputation has as well. As advertised, the boat really absorbs the chop without transferring the shock right though you as so many other skiffs will do. It's heavier than fiberglass, and while a 40-50hp will push a similar Carolina Skiff, I'm running a 75 E-Tec. I ran her from Salmon Cove to Wethersfield Cove (roughly 30 miles one way) this past weekend on less than one of my two twelve gallon tanks, and the upriver leg was against a tide and 15-...

Triumph Skiff Review - The Gemma Rose II

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