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Gone Fishing

Manager: tattooed_ogre
The ring for anyone who loves fishing, and whose site show it.

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CT River Fishing Easter Weekend - 03/31/2013

Beautiful weather brought out a decent number of anglers on the CT River this weekend, and I was one making my first and somewhat belated trip. I posted a bit about my screw up with the Gemma Rose II 's electronics, but not much on the fishing. With water temps pushing up towards the mid 40s and ice long gone, many fish have on the pre-spawn feedbag. I was hoping to nab a pike or two, but given the late start and need to be off the water by mid-afternoon, I wasn't holding my breath. I like to target pike in those magic hours of dawn or dusk. Seeing as this was the maiden voyage of the GRII, priority number one was just getting a few fish over the rail, and fat slab crappie and pre-spawn yellow perch were a plenty in the Haddam area coves. Had a couple of aggressive pickerel whack some Sebile swimmers as well. I didn't really mess with bass as I was looking for pike, but several boats had hooked into bass in the laydowns. I'll need to make some minor adjustments here and there on the boat before heading out next weekend, where I have to make the fishing count as I'll be overseas for the start of the herring runs! As far as the Triumph Skiff goes, it would be difficult to give much of an evaluation based on yesterday, but I can say that I'm happy it didn't have gel coat (see pic). With no docking facilities, I just tied it up to the concrete ramp. A few scratches. Who cares!

CT River Fishing Easter Weekend

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