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The ring for anyone who loves fishing, and whose site show it.

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A Call for Action - 03/13/2013

The following is re-posted with permission from Kierran Broatch and The Connecticut Yankee blog.  Thursday, March 7, 2013 A Call For Action It's not often that I use this blog as a pulpit, but this is an important issue and something that could be avoided if enough anglers speak up. I fear that many don't know what's at risk and by the time they find out, it could already be too late. So here's the skinny... One of only three CT DEEP hatcheries, the Kensington State Fish Hatchery, will close due to budget cuts if we don't voice our opinions to the powers at be. The key is to make the State of Connecticut aware that this decision will ultimately lose us money instead of save it by hurting fishing license sales and other spending from trout and salmon anglers. Every phone call and email/letter reiterating this message to members of the General Assembly's Appropriations Committee , specifically the Conservation & Development Subcommittee , can help our cause. In the fine print of this section of the proposed State budget, the 8th bullet down on page 194 recommends reducing the number of state-run hatcheries (read: Kensignton) to the tune of saving $149,910. I realize the State has a spending problem and cuts need to be made somewhere, but should we really be cutting things that generate more money than they cost to run?  I would argue that getting rid of everything this hatchery brings...

A Call for Action

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